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Torser is a device destined to protect the organism against the electromagnetic radiation and bio-energetic balance, making it the first device that assures comprehensive protection from electromagnetic radiation, nature’s geo-pathogenic factors, and bio-energetic balance.

At the same time, Torser has as its basis the most advanced technology in the quantum physics domain, being designed with the Russian military technology by the science people that worked for the neutralization of the Chernobyl reactor.

The technology used to design the Torser device

Torser uses energies like”the charging of the torsion field” the quasi-fractal matrix core and the microgenerators spherical magnetic pole. The axial torsion generator includes interior space, which consists of a polymer complex that is subjected to an axial field active generator. This provides polarization and protection for a period of eight years, the polymer is made from gold, a metalloid such as tellurium and copper.

The quasi-fractal matrix core assures the informational interaction reproduction of a healthy organism and keeps up the constant vitality of the environment. Also, the magnetic micro generator with spherical polarization is efficient in the improvement of affections, because it is the only magnetic generator with nordic polarization in a spherical form.

The action of the Torser device

The Torser device has a reach of 2.5 meters and can function without power supply. Although it can work without a power supply it does not contain negative effects on the body health, because it does not produce electromagnetic fields like the devices on the current market place, that need a power supply or battery.

Also the Torser device is distinguished by allowing simultaneous drive on all three main levels of the body, namely the energy level, physical and informational. The Torser device is necessary to neutralize the electromagnetic radiation of the electronic devices that can be harmful to the health of the body. So computers, microwave ovens, mobile phones, TV’s, or radio telecommunication devices, while they are functioning they presence of the left axial field (levorotatory), which is a harmful component of the electromagnetic field that affects the health of the organism.

The efficiency of the Torser device in preventing these effects is proven by tens of thousands of tests, done with the help of different medical equipment like the complex and computerized GDV camera. Also the Torser device is protected by the international license in 84 countries received numerous international diplomas like “The product of the year award of 2010” and “The Greatest Invention award”. Also the main operating system is protected by 10 special brevets.

Way the Torser device usage is important?

There is a big number of factors that endanger our health by affecting the bio-energetic field of the organism and of the health defense system. The electromagnetic radiations emitted by the electronic devices that we use every day are bad for our health. The research done by scientists, doctors, hygienists, centers and institutions at an international level has proven the efficiency of the Torser device in protecting the organism against the electromagnetic radiation.

Alongside the electromagnetic radiations, the Torser device helps us to protect the geo-pathogens areas, the geo-pathogens areas are the ones that are negatively charged that emit a novice force field that affect not only animals but also humans. The Torser device has the ability to neutralize geopathogenic areas.

Also Torser is of a really good use to the people that go through certain negative mental states, such as envy, hatred, anger, jealousy, malice or anger it is intended to destabilize the human energy field. Also, these feelings can be easily transmitted to other people around you, to the people that have a weak energy force. So the Torser device protects us form the negative energy of the people around us and of the damaging effects of certain negative mental states that we are constantly exposed to.


How and where to place the Torser device

 You can place the Torser device wherever you know there are electromagnetic radiations, because it has a strong capacity to create a biologically barrier around its user. You can place it in a horizontal position at a 5-10 centimeters, you can use it in the first day up to 25 minutes, you can increase the time gradually up to 10-12 hours a day. The Torser device can also be used by children, not directly but with the help of an adult. Torser assures the protection of the children which are more sensitive to radiations than adults are.

Being so easy to use Torser offers the biological protection that the user needs.

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