Torser in Formula AS magazine

The Formula AS magazine has published some articles about the people that use the Torser device and its effects.

The Torser has effect on almost any kind of pain

At first I bought the device just as a caution. I received an offer and so I was able to buy three devices, for me, my son, and a neighbor that has rheumatism and asthma. I am 64 years old and worked in commerce. I am not a sickly person but I have rheumatism, osteoarthritis and my knees, my pelvic bones, and other parts of my body hurt from time to time. I never had any serious health problems, my annual medical test were always good, with just some minor points that lower than the normal values. I usually don’t take medicine of any kind, from time to time I take vitamins and minerals, I take for example Omega 3, calcium, Vitamin C and D2. I am glad that Torser is good for almost any kind of pain. Whenever I feel any pain I just place the device in the area that hurts and in a couple of minutes the pain is gone. I felt the effects of the Torser device very quickly, after just two weeks of using it. With the help of the Torser device I managed to cure my rheumatism, and the osteoarthritis has eased a lot. If I go to a physician he will always find some problems and prescribe me some medicine to get rid of them. If I use the device I feel very good and I have a lot of energy. I have it all the time with me, at night I put it under my pillow so I can have a good night sleep. My son is also very pleased with the Torser device. He speaks a lot on his phone and stands almost all day in front of the computer, but now with this device he is feeling way better, he is more relaxed. I use it now to help me with my osteoarthritis, to help my every day movement, my state of spirit, and it gives me energy. I have a neighbor with the same health problems as me, her condition has improved a lot since she uses the Torser device. If she has any heart pain or any other pain she places the device on the area that is painful and in a couple of minutes it’s gone. My sister has a Torser device in her balcony to help her plants grow. I also have a small garden of my own in the balcony. When I use the water treated with the Torser device to wet the plants they seem to have a whole different color. I also place the device near the TV, the phone and the computer because they emit dangerous radiations. Torser has left a very good impression on me, so I strongly recommend it to everyone. ELENA MURGEANU (64 years old) Piatra Neamt (Formula As year XXIII, nr 1090, October 2013)   

All Rumanian people are very pleased with the Torser device 

I am an electrical engineer and have worked in many other domains and places before. I have worked in India, Thailand, Italy, SUA, I can say that I pretty much saw the world. Even in the present day I have a part of my business in Moscov, in the IT domain. I feel very good when I have the Torser device with me and I am really sure that it has done me a lot of good. I wear on in the center of my chest –on my heart, one in the liver area and I also keep one in my room. It is really great to always be full of energy, and always protected from the negative effects of the electromagnetic fields. I have bought Torser for a bunch of elderly people in a shelter house, they had different affections. A lot of them are very pleased with the product and were feeling a lot better since they started using it. One of the elderly people had high blood pressure, he used a lot of medicine to cure it but none of it worked, after using the Torser his blood pressure went back to normal. An elderly woman had back feet and hand pain because of rheumatism, since she started to use the Torser device permanently she started to feel much better. Even the people from Russia can see that the Romanian people are very pleased with the device. ALEXANDRU GRIGOR (47 years old) - Galati (Formula As year XXIII, nr 1090, October 2013)  

Since he started wearing the device, he’s feeling much better and he is livelier 

Today I washed the windows, cleaned a room and the hall, washed two sets of cloths in the washing machine, and cleaned around the house a bit. At my age I can do al lot more things around the house then I used to do now that I use the Torser device. To be honest I haven’t felt such energy and lively sensation not even when I was young. I am very pleased with the device, especially since it got rid of the pain. Because of my spondylosis I loosed my stability and I usually had back and feet pain. Torser not only helped me get rid of the pain and problems that came with it, it also did other “wonders” with any other pain I had, I just place the device on the affected area and the pain is gone .One of my sisters has disc hernia and she is in a lot of pain around the L4, L5 and L6 rings around the spine, it also affected the nerves that went to her feet. She was leaving a nightmare, which had no cure. Since she has it, she wears it all day, at night she puts it under her pillow or on her spine, it helps her a lot, she can finally get some rest, the poor thing, because before she couldn’t even sleep. She is very pleased with the Torser device because it’s the only one that helped ease her pain. My husband was also healed by the device: he had really bad problems with high blood pressure, we used to get him admitted in the hospital almost three or four days a month because of it. He also had feet pain, he sometimes can barely walk properly but since he wears the Torser all the problems are gone and he is livelier. DOBRA PETCU (73 years old) - Sibiu (Formula As year XXIII, nr 1090, October 2013) 

 The child colic problems were gone and he could sleep at night  

The Torser device is of really great help and I could give you a really good example, which is very relevant to me.  I am talking about one of my friends that had problems with the shaking of her head: something similar to Parkinson disease. Since she uses the Torser her problem is cured. It also helped me cure my insomnia, for a couple of months now I can sleep like a baby, it is extraordinary. I used to get up at night a lot, I was not resting at all, and since I started to put the device under my pillow I sleep like the dead, all night long. My son has a three week old baby at home, he kept the Torser device under the baby’s crib, the child never had colic problems and he could sleep well at night. The most interesting thing about the Torser device is that all the members of the family have perfect medical records since we started using it! ANA PENCIU (60 years old) – Corbeanca (Formula As year XXIII, nr 1090, October 2013)  

 Since I started wearing the device I’m feeling way better

 After 6 years since I had my surgery, I am in the evidence of the people from Surgery Clinic 1 in Cluj Napoca. Until I bought the Torser my health was getting really bad. Every day, after lunch, I would sit in a chair and couldn’t do anything. One of my friends insisted that I use the Torser device and explained to me that the device not only helps protect me from electromagnetic radiations but it also helps balance my organism. After that I went and bought myself one. At the beginning in the first days I felt some tingling in my clavicles, it’s like something was moving there. I was a little worried at the beginning, but after that I started to notice that if I wear the device my health and state of mine have improved. I am more energetic, I do not need to sleep at noon and my tone is higher, since then I started to value my everyday life more. SILVIA CUCU (68 years old) – Brasov (Formula As year XXIII, nr 1090, September 2013)          


With Torser I helped two ladies and three children cure their fright of high places and dizziness 

Torser is my natural antibiotic and my best friend. With his help I cured my right knee healing it by applying it locally. I also use it a as first aid kit, whenever I need it. Once, with the help of the Torser device I helped two ladies and three children cure their fright of high places and dizziness. I also experimented on some of my patients, patients, I do therapeutic massage. When I have the Torser in my pocket, they said that it’s like it gives them energy and that it feels a lot better than any other massage session we had. So the Torser device was actually working not only on me but also on my patients, balancing our energys. I also ware it at night, or when I’m doing mountain climbing so that I’ll have no problem dealing with the climb, when I feel that it gives me too much energy, I usually take a break of 5-7 hours from it. It is an excellent product that I strongly recommend to anyone who is looking for a whole new way of life. AURELIA SOLCAN, kinetotherapist (46 years old) – Sinaia (Formula As year XXIII, nr 1090, September 2013)            

At the second checkup all the patients were showing normal results I was speechless

After 19 year of working in a computing center, I used to have a lot of problems and all of them on the left side of my body, fact that was confirmed after a medical checkup. In spite of the fact that I am a skeptical by nature, at the recommendation of the specialist I bought the Torser device and wear it for 18 days on my left side. At the next checkup all the patients were showing normal results I was speechless! I also felt the effect of the device physically! Since then I wake up more relaxed and well rested, and I also need less sleep to feel that. I am constantly feeling more energetic, Torser has even transformed the PC work in to a more pleasant experience. TEODORA TUDORA  informatician (43 years old)  - Bucuresti (Formula As year XXIII, nr 1090, September 2013)          

Believe it or not but in a couple of weeks the pain was completely gone

After a mountain accident, that happened many years ago, my left knee was badly injured, ever since my foot would hurt me badly. In the first day I placed the Torser device in my right pocket (conform to the manual) I felt light stings, the explanation being the increase in nerve impulses, which were emphasizing the bloodstream. Believe it or not but in a couple of weeks the pain was completely gone. Also before using the Torser device I had often experience back and neck pain, as a matter of fact my whole dorsal side was hurting. Now it’s like I’m a completely different person. I am speaking from my personal experience Torser really works and its effects are felt almost immediately. If the disease is a chronic one, in the first week you will have the same symptoms as I had some slight pain and after that all the problems and pain disappear. This is a very valuable and important device! MIHAELA POP sales woman (39 years old) - Sighetu Marmatiei  (Formula As year XXIII, nr 1090, September 2013)                

Even now it is hard for me to imagine and understand how this device could do me so much good!

I used to have big health problems before I heard about the wonders the Torser device can do. After I heard I decided to by a promotional package of 3 plus 1 for free for the entire family. After the first day of using it I was speechless! Before I had the Torser device I used to wake up with huge headaches, I used to go to the bathroom a lot (especially during the night) because of a kidney problem, I became addicted to the Furazolidon pills (which I also used for diarrhea because I used to also have stomach problems) because of my varices I used to have a hard time if I sat more than 2 or 3 hours standing (my feet used to hurt really bad), and because I suffer from hypothyroid, I used to sleep a lot and wake up still feeling tired. But since I started using the Torser my mood has totally changed, I wake up in the morning well rested, I don’t have any more headaches, I don’t have kidney problems anymore, I have stopped taking my stomach pills, I can stay up on my feet for as long as I want without even realizing it, I don’t sleep for more than 5-6 hours a night and I wake up feeling relaxed and full of energy. Even now it is hard for me to imagine and understand how this device could do me so much good! It is incredible! CARMEN STOICA (47 years old) -  Iasi (Formula As year XXIII, nr 1090, September 2013)          

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