TORSER 5+2 Free

TORSER 5+2 Free


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Promotion Torser 5+2 Free

If you wish to assure bio-energetic protection to your entire family and to your friends, all you have to do is buy the promotional package Torser 5+2 Free meaning that if you buy 5 Torser devices you will get 2 for free. So you will get the Torser devices at just 1493 Euro, you will benefit of an additional discount of 5%.

If you will buy more than 2 devices the price of a Torser will be 220 Euro, thus the price for 5 Torsers being now 110 Euro, and with the discount of 5% you can buy the 5 Torser devices at only 1045 Euro.

You can also buy 5 Torser devices in one order or you can benefit of our promotion in 30 days time from the last order. This way you will only pay for all your devices the final price of 1045 Euro for the 5+1 Torsor Free promotion by paying the difference between the final price and all previous payments made.

If for example you purchased one or more orders 3 +1 Free, you paid for 3 Torser devices 660 Euro and received for pieces, and if you wish to benefit from the 5+2 Free promotion just so you can buy another 2 Torsers all you have to do is pay the difference of 385 Euro and you will receive the second Torser for free, the first one received being the one from the 3+1 Free promotion.

By choosing the 5+2 Free promotion you will benefit of the smallest price per piece, the price of 149.3 Euro, making it possible to benefit of the supplementary  5% discount.

This promotional package is great for the entire family, and it helps you ensure protection to your whole family and friends. If you want a rapid way to increase the Torser device efficiency you can use more than one in a house or space to protect yourself from all the electromagnetic radiation sources that can exist in a house like the microwave oven, TV, PC, and other electronic devices.

To protect yourself from the electromagnetic radiations, it is better that there would be a Torser device between the radiation source an you, reason way you can place the Torser devices near the microwave oven, refrigerator or television. The Torser devices are extremely useful in protecting the kids against electromagnetic radiations, children being more sensitive than adults, the devices can also be used to neutralize the negative effects of the geo-pathogen zones, in this situation you can place the devices under every bed in your house.

Thus by using Torser you assure the bio-energetic-informational protection for you, your family and your friends.


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