TORSER 3+1 Free

TORSER 3+1 Free


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Torser 3+1 Free

To assure protection to your entire family you can buy now the promotional package Torser 3+1 Free so by buying 3 Torser devices you will get one for free,  that way you can buy 4 Torser devices at the price of 660 Euro, meaning that the price of one Torser in this package is just 165 Euro.

If you will buy the Torser 3+1 Free package you will benefit of a 45% discount for one of the products. You have the possibility to buy the 3 devices in only one order or in 2 orders. If you choose to order it in 2 orders, then you will have to pay for the first Torser from the order the full price of 240 Euro, and on the second order that you can place in 30 days from the first invoice you will receive the other 2 Torser products alongside the free device from the offer.

So at the second order  you will only pay the difference of money that is left from the promotional package of 660 Euro and the value of the first order is 240 Euro, so you will pay for the second order of 2 Torser devices +1 for free 420 Euro at the exchange rate. Thus starting with the second product ordered , the piece price that will be calculated for any promotional package is 220 Euro, and if you launch another order in less than 30 days after the second order the Torser device that you paid 420 Euro for, on this order you will just pay 220 Euro and will get a Torser device for free.

So for the promotional package Torser 3+1 Free you will only pay 660 Euro, thus providing your house and the whole family with bio-energetic-informational protection. This package is the best choice for a family with 4 members.

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