Why is the utilization of the microwave harmful

Why is the utilization of the microwave harmful

Although the existence of modern equipment is particularly useful and eases our work every time, its use is not without harmful effects. So the usage of the mobile phones, computers, televisions and microwave ovens emit electromagnetic radiation, represent a hazard four your health.

Even if some people pay more attention to the food they buy, choosing the right and healthy method to cook them is very important reason why heating them up at the microwave oven is a risk for your health.

Also, if we keep in mind that the quality of the food of our days is highly affected, and the fact that the nutritional value has dropped considerably in the last century, just so we can receive the necessary amount of nutrients it is needed to consume a greater quantity of vegetables and fruits, which is impossible for many people. Then it is very important to assure ourselves that the manner in which we prepare our food is one that the nutritional values ​​are not reduced.

According to a conducted research, it was demonstrated that by using the microwave oven the food molecules are destroyed, which could make certain substances in our food become positive for cancer. To heat the food, the microwave forces the water molecules to transform into steam.

While it is a process that heats your food very quickly, the microwaves cause a chemical change in food, and the food is heated unevenly. Thus, there are some hot spots in the heated food that can cause burns, that makes it not indicated to use the microwave to heat up the baby bottle, because they can cause the baby burns with the heated milk.

Another worrying aspect of using microwaves is the leakage of toxic chemicals in food from the food packaging that can be prepared in the microwave, according to the January-February issue of the Nutrition Action 1990 journal. One of the most toxic substances is BPA or bisfenol A which is used in the composition of plastic products that can damage body health.

Along side of the toxic spillage from food packaging prepared at the microwaves, we also have the risk of radiation leakage of microwave ovens, but today there are small amounts of radiation leakage through the viewing glass. Conform to FDA (Food and Drug Administration) this radiation is in a much too small percent to affect human health.

Although, even if the microwave ovens comply with regulations in order to be used safely, there is a risk that the microwave level in your kitchen to be much higher than the one produced by mobile phones. So to be safe you should be at a considerable distance from microwave ovens when they are working, and also keep children at a distance from it.

People who have been exposed excessively to microwave ovens have symptoms such as insomnia, sleep disturbances, night sweats, depression, irritability, headache, dizziness, decreased immunity, swollen lymph nodes, nausea and loss of appetite, vision disorders and frequent urination or thirst exes.

Given the fact that the microwave users and other radiation sources like ultramodern PC monitors presented with some symptoms such as increased fatigue, headaches, irritability, inability to sleep, the body must be protected against radiation. Thus there is an informational component against which protection is not provided, one more reason to use the TORSER device which provides it's user with protection against electromagnetic radiation.

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