Various ways to use the Torser device

Various ways to use the Torser device

The Torser device is designed to protect the body against electromagnetic radiation, being efficient in ensuring biological balance for the organism and protecting human bio-information against electromagnetic radiation, psihotonics, geopathogenic, and otherwise. Based on one of the most advanced technologies of quantum physics, Torser is designed by scientists who worked on the neutralization of the Cernobil reactor project.

With a small size, Torser offers you various ways of use, for every person, at any time in any place, so it can be used during the night or during the day. It is recommended to use it before or after a meal at about an hour, and the time period indicated for usage varies depending on the affection you want to use it on.

Thus the Torser device can be used up till 24 hours a day. Right-handed people can hold it in they left hand, and the left handed can hold it in the right hand. Because of its complex actions, Torser can be used on people, and also to improve the quality of food or water, it can be used indirectly on newborns used by a different person, so that the device will be held in one hand and with the other hand touch the baby. 

If you want to keep the Torser device near water or food, to preserve and give off information sent to the device, it is indicated to be kept near the products for almost one hour.

To use the Torser device you have to position it with the part that has Torser read on it on the affected zone but not in direct contact with the skin, also the body has to be relaxed.

Extremely important is the fact that when using the Torser device the body has to be in a state of rest, so we can concentrate on the respiration process or the light in front of us, we also have to avoid thinking of problems or other unpleasant things. Given that fact that energy follows thought, if we concentrate on our hand, the energy flux will be amplified in the hand direction, so it is a chance that if we think of problems we can get a headache.

After the Torser treatment is done we have to stand still and calm for about 10-15 minutes where we will focus on breathing, breathing slowly and deeply, with a break for 5 seconds and exhaling. If you switch from idle state to active operations it may cause dizziness.

As a pointing device to speed up the process of creating favorable conditions for healing the body, Torser enables a immunity boost and a guarantees a longer active life. If you want this device to act on the psycho-informational state level, you have to utilize it from a distance, but if you want to activate on the disturbance of energy-informational level, it is better to combine the local action with one from a distance.

To act at the locomotors and muscle level, it is necessary to use the Torser device at a local level, also, to amplify the action of the Torser device we have to use another devices, one in front of the other in case of pneumonia, underneath the nails in case of articular pain, one in front of the other in case of the radicular syndrome.

According to the conducted scientific research, Torse is a device that helps the organism to protect itself against electromagnetic radiations and other sorts of radiations, allowing people to safely use the electronic equipment, without the biogenetic field of the organism to be disrupted.

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