TORSER device

TORSER device

Research shows that while we use our computers mobile phones, microwave ovens, telecommunications systems and other electrical equipment, the left axial field is present, also called the levorotatory, that is a component of the electromagnetic radiation. Also the Global Health Department is warning us about the presence of the electromagnetic radiations that manifest itself by hair loss, sleepiness, depression, decreased libido, headache or ocular burning, it can lead to some serious affections.

With the purpose of preventing the illness caused by PCs, Radar equipment, copying machines and laser televisions, microwave ovens and other appliances, the birth of the project Neotek and the Torser device has began. The Torser device assures the organism protection against the electromagnetic radiations. As it has been proven the human body has three protective fields, the magnetic field, that helps blood flow through the blood vessels and muscle tissue function, the torsion field, that provides the thought process, transmit and receive information and energy and supplies the living matter with energy and the coulombic field which contributes to the organizing of the living matter, thus assuring life.

Unfortunately the three fields can be affected by the modern society life style, the main factors being radiations. Although the industrial revolution has brought us a large number of benefits, people are being now affected by these electric devices that emit radiations, be them TVs, microwave ovens or electric trains or the subway. Because of the spreading of all these electronic devices that emit electromagnetic radiations, we now have a PC and a TV in every home, people are more and more exposed to these radiations, and thus the sickness rate is higher and higher.                          

Along the electromagnetic radiations, the three fields can also be affected by the people around us. So if the people that are close to us or the people that we interact every day happen to be affected by any problems or are depressive, they can easily sent us they state of sprit. If our energy field is weak, and the person we talk to is indisposed, we can easily take that person’s negative energy and can also transmit it to the next person we talk to. Because of this the people around us can be a factor that can affect the three fields of the human organism, thus contributing, among other factors, in a change of the health of the body.     

Certain events that we go through, alongside of some mental states of a person can determine a bad influence on the energetic field. Be it jealousy, hatred, envy, malice, anger or feelings of anger, some professional or personal disappointment, negative thinking can determine the destabilization of the energetic field. Also very important are the places that we live in and work, because there can exist some places that hold negative energies, these been called the geopatogenne zone.

In these geopatogenne areas a powerful and harmful field can be found that affects not only humans but also plants and animals. To contribute to the stabilization of the energetic field of the organism, the Torser device was conceived, which assures a rapid protection effect, energizes and equilibrates the organism. The efficiency of the Torser device was proven by hundreds of test that were done by a large number of medical instruments, like the complex computer GDV camera, and biofeedback instrumentation like Scio or Tord.    

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