The influence of electromagnetic radiation

The influence of electromagnetic radiation

Among other pollution sources, right next to the power lines, electric transport or electric devices, the environment is polluted by microwave ovens, personal computers, radiotelephones, antennas, copiers, radar installations and Roentgen TV's, physiotherapy apparatus or dental ultrasonic medical devices.

The human body is a complex system with a strictly individual torsion field from a medical and biological point of view, which includes data on health status and DNA genetic codes, a large number of chemicals determine the complexity of the human torsion field.

Today is scientifically proven that, after some research and experiments, we found out the negative impact of electromagnetic radiation on the body. Thus it was proven that during the operation of personal computer monitors, mobile phones, microwave ovens or other appliances, there is an information component against which the human body is not protected.

Also, increased technological development in recent years prompted a change in the Earth's electromagnetic fund, our planet being a source of electromagnetic emissions, reason way the diapason of the radio frequencies, The Earth is much brighter than the Sun.

As proof of how serious the use of a huge number of electronic devices is, in the cities with bigger population than 1 million, the electromagnetic emissions from the technical devices go over 30.000-70.000 the natural emissions. At the same time, populated areas in Europe used over 140.000 million mobile phones, and more than 50 million computers and televisions, both the computer and the TV being used by more than 4 hours per day.

Being more exposed to electromagnetic radiation organism and body health protection is needed against it, to avoid illness. Thus, if we are repeatedly exposed to the action of electromagnetic radiation, pathological changes of the cellular structure is caused, by combining the free radicals with proteins or nucleic acids in cells. The body ability to defend itself being destroyed, free radicals destroy the white blood cells and nucleic acids, these latter being the carriers of genetic information. Thus, due to genetic mutations that can lead to cancer.

Because of the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation hold, scientists are concerned with finding a way in which to protect the organism by the radiation action, and the Torser device makes possible the maintaining of a strong energetic field and a healthy body, by rejecting electromagnetic radiations.

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