Magnetic field and its role in protecting the body

Magnetic field and its role in protecting the body

The human body is considered a balanced bio system, which has the ability to heal itself when necessary conditions are created, that are in harmony with nature. Thus, for the optimal functioning of the body, it is protected by three fields, namely the magnetic field, the columbic field and the torsion field.

The magnetic field contributes to the functioning of the muscle tissue and is closely related to blood flow through the blood vessels, so that the muscle of the blood vessels is near the cationic microelements, which form a magnetoecranat wave guide. Because of magnetic waves that pass through the blood vessels, the blood vessels turn along their length in to blood micro pump.

Being present in each muscle tissue, lack of cautions can lead to numerous diseases, such as spasms, weakness, hernias, osteochondrosis, muscular dystrophies, arrhythmias, muscle weakness, heart, stomach and intestines peristalrismul, which is why ionic-caton saturation is important to calm the affections.

The columbic field is the second protection field of the organism, which assures the life for every living matter and is the substance present in every cell, it enters the body in the form of spherical wave. It is concentrated in the duodenum area, the value of the columbic field varies, one of the reasons way it can be low or high in the system.

If the value of the columbic field is small, then the intensity of the physiological processes is also small, so that the functionality is disrupted, damaging the organs and metabolism. Also the protection functions of the organism are diminished, so that it can be considered as the physical plan, immunity lies in the degree of ionic or in the state of plasma of the organism, being influenced by the columbic field value.

Failing to respect the environment, in the last decade has decreased the columbic field's value, causing some affection to appear, but to maintain normal levels of this field we can use the Torser device, which protects the organism’s energetic field.

The third field of the organism, or torsion field, is fundamental to assure informational energy. The torsion field of the Earth is in close connection with the 24h rotation field of the planet, when the rotation radius of the Earth is identical to the one of the torsion field.

Being present in our thoughts, in the geopathogenic areas, in clairvoyance, in space, in the Bermuda Triangle, the vortices in the tsunami, in storms, the lightning-shaped sphere, in acupuncture points or earthquake, in the human body the torionic channel field is located along the spine. So each vertebra is a torsion generator, connected by energy fields with a particular organ or group of organs.

All torsion generators send energy to the corresponding organs this is made possible even when we sleep, although if a generator is not fully loaded, that is when energy exhaustion of an organ or a group of organs occurs. The most often affected are the kidneys and adrenal glands.

To avoid the lack of energy supply to the adequate organs, the Torser device regulates the energy level and helps restore the torsion field, being a protection device of the organism against electromagnetic radiations and personal bio-energy balancer, which can be used by the whole family.

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