Improvement of the Torser device

Improvement of the Torser device

The concept to protect the human body against the hazardous effects caused by electromagnetic radiations, Torser allows its users to use in a safe manor all electrical appliances, like personal PC, radar devices, televisions, visual display laser machines or copy machines.  By using the Torser device the organism is protected from the bad influences of the electromagnetic radiations made by the electromagnetic devices, its efficiency is proven by the results obtained due to practical experiments and the research done by science people.

According to the documents of expertise of the Sanitary-Epidemiological Service and the Standards Committee of the Russian Federation and trough the International Agreement, Torser can be use at at large scale, and today it is used by approximately 1.400.000 people that are happy with the results.

A main indication in which the Torser device consists is the neutralization of geopathogenic areas of your room, these are areas that can affect the spiritual field and normal function of the organism. Present all over the world, the geopathogenic areas can be detected by using a special apparatus, reason that even if you live or work in that kind of area, there are very high chances and almost impossible for us to know that.

If a person with a weakened protective shield lives in that area, the functioning of the entire body can be seriously affected, so that in some cases can lead to death. Another use of the Torser device is destined to the electric devices, rather its ethnic devices like computers, microwave ovens, televisions, printers, mobile phones, electrical transport, of for medical devices like radiochemical equipment or physiotherapy.

By using the Torser device the dismissal of radiations caused by electromagnetic fields is possible, because this device creates a protective field around the organism. Also Torser is destined as a complimentary support in treating many disorders, because of its effect of growing and accelerating the efficient of therapy followed by the growth of the immune system. 

Regarding the harmful influences given off by the people around you or by other sources, Torser has the capacity to neutralize and protect us from the negative effects transmitted by them. It is extremely easy for people to be affected by the negative people, the angry and depressed, whereas they may negatively influence the human bioenergy field.

In the same time Torser is destined to prevent the disruption of the steady state of the energy-informational system and harmonize it, because this device creates a harmonious environment, which gives optimism, a bigger thirst for life and a general good state of mind, motive for all the users to feel an improvement in their spiritual state.

In the present Torser is used by medics and biotherapist in 26 countries, although its actions are studied in centers, clinics and outpatient clinics, both for adults and for kids, the obtained results from the research prove the efficiency of this device to improve the organism functions.

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