How man is influenced by the electromagnetic field

How man is influenced by the electromagnetic field

The electromagnetic field is defined as a special form of matter, in which charged particles interact, so that this is a ensemble of electric and magnetic fields, which oscillate and generate electric current passing each other through a conductor. The electric field is produced by an electric current crossing a stationary conductor, and the magnet is produced by an electric current traversing a moving wire. 

Also, the electromagnetic field acts on human and living organisms in different ways, either general or local, either continuous or on a discontinuous manner, however with consequences upon the irradiated object. Thus, the consequences vary depending on the emission frequency, the intensity of the electromagnetic field, the duration of the radiation, combining frequency electromagnetic field or modulation signal.

To know the risks on which the population is subjected, we study the reaction of the nervous system, immune system, reproductive system and the endocrine system at the action of the electromagnetic field, these systems being essential for life. When a man is subjected at the action for the electromagnetic field for a long period, the biological effect accumulates, reason on which on a long term health problems can occur, problems like leukemia, central nervous system degeneration, brain tumors or hormonal disorders.

Extremely interesting is the fact that the human body is a complex electromagnetic system, so that the internal organs possess a natural vibration frequency, and if the electromagnetic field is influenced from the outside it can affect the function of the internal organs, thus determine the appearance of affections and damage to the organs, and the entire organism.

Also, pregnant women can be affected by biological action of the electromagnetic field, the negative effects affecting the fetus. Also, they are especially harmful to children, people with low immunity, allergy sufferers, and those suffering from diseases of the central nervous system, cardiovascular system and hormonal system.

To be able to assess body protection against electromagnetic emissions, we have established three types of presentation states that characterize human body, the first being the material body. This is just the ordinary body and the organs that compose it the European medicine is dealing with maintaining this at a vital capacity level.

The body of the energy field is the second state of the body, which is located near the body material, and maintaining the balance of the energetic body represents the objective of oriental medicine, information field is the first filter body of information about the external environment, being the outside of the material body, which extends in some cases for hundreds of miles. According to the information received from the body of the informational field, certain processes occur in the material body and in the energetic body.

To be able to enjoy a healthy body, is good for all 3 presentation states types to be in harmony, because if the informational body it is destroyed for example, there can be caused some imbalances at the energetic level of the organism, which leads to the sickening of the material body. Thus if you want the specific treatment to lead to good results, it is better to remove the causes that led to the physic fields deformation in the human body.

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