How harmful is the mobile phone to our health

How harmful is the mobile phone to our health

With every step we are exposed to electromagnetic radiations, among the objects that we find indispensable, the mobile phone is one of the objects that have a high source of electromagnetic radiations. Results of some Global Health Organization research have shown how using a phone exposes people at a high risk of some form of cancer also it leads to poisoning or chloroform.

Being a small transceiver apparatus, the transmission is done through a diapason 453 - 1800 MHz, depending on the phone, radiation power varies depending on the state of the communication channel so the higher the signal level of the receiver the smaller the radiation level on the phone.

To respect the admitted electromagnetic radiations limit, the flux density of the users must not exceed 100 microwatt/cm2. Standard phones from NMT-450 have a nominal power of about 1 W, and the standard GSM-900 have a lower nominal power of 0,25W. The lowest rated power is available in the standard phones GSM-1800 that being the 0,125W one.

 Under international law irradiation power of mobile phones is measured in SAR units (Specific Absorption Rate) expressed in W/kg. Mobile phones with small radiation quantity are accepted, whose SAR is < 0.2 W/kg, and with a reduced capacity of the irradiation those with SAR of 0.2-0.5 W/kg. Phones with a capacity of average irradiation have 0.5-1.0 W/kg SAR, and those with high irradiation have 1.0W/kg.

To know the danger of an electromagnetic radiation source, we have to keep count of the termic, non termic effect or the informational effect. Thus, due to the fact that the phone antenna is located at a distance 3-5 centimeters of the brain, that being the most important source and the closest to the radiation emitted by the phone, we can observe our ear temperature increase after a long phone conversation.

As evidence of the harmful effects on the health of the human body caused by electromagnetic radiations made by mobile phones, all we have is a research made by a team of 31 science people from 14 countries that have analyzed the safety and risks of using a mobile phone. Based on these studies the researchers found evidence that shows the risk of developing cancer at brain level is much higher among the mobile phone speakers.

 The mobile phone emits a type o radiation called non ionizing radiation, which is less strong than the X radiation, although it resembles the microwave oven radiation. According to the declaration of the president of Neurology from the medical center of Cedars-Sinai from Los Angeles, SUA, DR.Keith Black  the real problem is the fact that the harmful effects of exposure to electromagnetic radiation done by the mobile phone can only be observed after a couple of decades after using it.

Radiations caused by the mobile phone can lead to the development of cancer and tumors, they may also affect cognitive memory, because the temporal lobes of tumors are positioned right were we keep the phone so we can talk at it. Also the professor and biology researcher of the Washington University Dr. Hemry Lai studied radiation for more than 30 years now and confirmed that it takes time for the brain cancer to develop, in his opinion the public needs to be informed of these negative effects that are caused by long exposure to mobile phones.

As evidence of the many studies done that prove the great risk of developing brain cancer after using the mobile phone, the most popular mobile phone manufacturers have warned their customers to keep the phone as far as possible from their bodies. The greater the distance the mobile phone is from the human body, the lower the level of radiations that can be absorbed by it.

The level of radiation emitted by a mobile phone is higher if you are in motion or you are in a low signal area, because it has to emit more radiations. Right now the most efficient way to protect you from the electromagnetic radiations emitted from your mobile phone is the torsion generator with bioinformation protection Torser, which assures a high level of protection against radiations.

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