How do we recognize if a Torser device is original?

How do we recognize if a Torser device is original?

The identification elements of an original Torser device are its color, the package, seal and identification serial number, user manual, warranty card and invoice.

The color of the front of the Torser is purple and on the back side it’s a dark gray, just like in the photo below.

The front label is round shaped, metallic, with the words TORSER engraved on it. The label is purple gray and green.

The other side the Torser has a numerical hologram engraved on it with unique identification series and number.

The unique identification series and number looks like this NTRU 28100000. The importance of these figures is the fact that they attest to the originality of the product and also represent the lot number put up on sale by the manufacturer.

The Torser device is individually packed secured with a holographic seal. On this holographic seal we can find the series and number NTRU, same as the numerical hologram on the back of the Torser device.




Every Torser device has an Instructions Manual in Romanian. In the manual we will find, necessary information on the product features, recommendations on how to use the device, the principles that led to the construction of this device of personal energy balance.

The original Torser device has a guaranteed term of usage of 10 years, attested by the Guarantee Statement released and stamped by the official dealer. On this document the information regarding the period of usage is mandatory stated, the same goes for the series and number of the current lot which the product belonged to.

To verify if the device is original or not, the identification series and number must be greater than 28122900, by this information you will be sure that your product is available for more than 10 years, according to manufacturer's specifications.

The invoice is mandatory for every Torder product, on the invoice you will find written the client personal data along with the identification dates of the retailer that sells the Torser device alongside the signature and stamp.

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