Effects of using the Torser device

Effects of using the Torser device

So that the efficiency of the Torser device to be known, in the delicate fields of protecting the human body not only the three levels but as a  bio-field level as well, medics a bioterapeuts observations has been made, we also have auto observant and volunteer opinion, we were successful in treating over 4700 people.

Alongside of the using of the Torser device, the treatment had as its objective to following of a diet and a regimen individually chosen by iridodiagnostic, and also the use of plant and food additives, homeopathic preparations, using antioxidants and following the massage sessions or respiratory gymnastics.

Thus in 96%of the patients it had a very powerful calming effect, followed by the prolonged sleep duration from the early days, as well as the its quality, the sleep becomes deeper followed by the decline of the period, so after 5-7 hours of sleep the patients feel refreshed. Also at almost 87% of the patients we could see a decreased in irritability, internal tension and excitability.

For the people suffering from fatigue or asthenia syndrome generally on almost 98% all these decreased, as for the depressive states, these decreased in intensity or they just disappeared completely on 53% of the people, after feeling more optimistic and full of life.

In a period from 8 to 12 months almost 17% of the patients decreased the intensity of sound, noise or rustling sound of running water from the head and ears. Also 96% of the patients have been cured of headaches and dizziness, and 23%of the cases improved their sense of taste in the mouth, the dryness of the mouth dropped, the taste of metal or the heat of the tong dropped.

The patients with bad eye sight have met a 15% increase in visual activity, and 90% of those who underwent head trauma with concussion improved their overall health. Also, 34% of patients suffering from tics, spasms, tremors of the head and extremities observed a decrease or eliminate them. Good results could be observed in people suffering from gastritis and duodenal ulcer, so 20% of patients have an accelerated improvement of ulcer epithelization without scarring.

In patients suffering from asthma, there was an improvement thanks to the use of TORSER at almost 38% of them, and in 59% of the patients there were removed cystitis and pyelonephritis nephritis. In terms of cardiovascular disease, good results were obtained in 60% of patients, and in patients suffering from disorders of the endocrine normalization was observed in 20% of the patients. 

Other results obtained from the use of the TORSER device are:

-35% of the patients we could observed normalization of hyper and hypo thyroid function.

-in 26% of the patients it was noted a normalize menstrual cycle dysregulation without bleeding, in a period of 3-7 months because of the TORSER device.

-in 11% of the patients there was a slow decrease in mastopathies.

-in 28% of the cases of arthrosis, arthritis and sacral radiculitis, osteochondrosis osteoporosis an improvement was observed.

All this information about the usages of the Torser made possible for us to find out the beneficial effects that the device holds on the health of the human body and on plants and animals. The use of this device makes it possible to ensure the protection of the body and relieve numerous ailments.

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