Bioenergetics diagnosis of human aura GDV method

Bioenergetics diagnosis of human aura GDV method

So that the study of energetic parameters of complex biological systems can be possible, Professor K. Korotkov's group created the complex GDV Camera. It is based on Kirlian effect and can be used for GDV diagnostics in scientific research in the medicine domain, which has the purpose of observing the different types of influences on the human body.

Thus, with the help of the GDV Camera we can observe the influences of certain homeopathic and allopathic, as well as the effects of physiotherapy on the human body, being a complex used to evaluate the health of pilots of aircraft in the armed forces of the Russian Federation.

The GDV method can be used in medicine to do a quick preventing evaluation, allowing the discovery of the problem areas in the moment of the check up, or it can find the specific areas that have a high danger potential in the human body. We can also use it to evaluate the state of health of patients from hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and health centers.

If you want to evaluate the state of health of your organism by the GDV method, you need to have a GDV-gram analysis, processed by the computer with the help of a special program. The advantages of this method are the clarity and possibility to interpret usual data, objectivity of information, the safety usage, without the existence of risks, as the low cost of examination and simplicity of the method, which can easily be used.

The visual representation of the energy field is possible with the help of a special program of the GDV method, the energetic field being represented as an image that surrounds the human body.  With the help of the energetic field evaluation of the human organism we can discover the human energy potential.

The evaluating possibilities of the GDV Camera are varied, representing the only objective way to observe certain processes, so that the intensity, structure and luminescence character are influenced by the initial state of the object, as well as the functionality of organs and tissues or the vital processes of the body.

Also, in order to take care of the body's energy field, as well as to protect it from electromagnetic radiation and other hazards, the TORSER device is recommended, this being a personal protection device and a bioenergetics simulator by bioresonance, that works without using a power supply.

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