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Torser is a necessary device to assure your personal protection against electromagnetic, geopathogenic or psihotonice radiations, it is also used to support the organism in the fight against the effects of some treatments you receive.

You can either buy the 2 Torser devices in one single order or in two separate ones.

If you choose to order the devices in two separate orders, you will have to pay the full price of the first one of 240 Euro, and at the second order that can be made in maximum 30 days from the first invoice you will only have to pay the difference up to 440 Euro. So you will pay only 200 Euros at the second order.

This promotional Torser package of two devices is perfect for couples of family of two members it can also be used by one person.

Because we are excessively exposed to electromagnetic radiations, because of the places we live in, or because of the life style we have, the usage of two Torser devices will increase the organism protection against radiations. Also the usage of two devices is highly recommended for people who work close to mobile phone and telecommunication networks that present a high risk to develop polistimie, a condition characterized by a surplus of red blood cells, and also it presents a high risk to the people that work with high voltage cables increasing the risk for them to get leukemia.

Also it is highly recommended the usage of two Torser devices to the people that suffer from arthritis, acute lumbosacral, radiculitis, arthritis or diffuse sclerosis.

This promotional package is a very good deal for couples or family members that need a high degree protection from bio-energy. 

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