Torser is a device developed by a group of Russian science people in collaboration with NASA, which protects the organism against the electromagnetic, geo-photogenes, psihotonice and any other radiations. All of this making the product a bio-energetic simulator. Thus the Torser device protects the organism against the negative effects of radiations produced by electronic devices that we use on a daily basis, like mobile phones, TV’s, monitors, copy machines and also of the electric transport.

Torser is a device destined to protect the organism against the electromagnetic radiation and bio-energetic balance, making it the first device that assures comprehensive protection from electromagnetic radiation, nature’s geo-pathogenic factors, and...

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Torser is a necessary device to assure your personal protection against electromagnetic, geopathogenic or psihotonice radiations, it is also used to support the organism in the fight against the effects of some treatments you receive. You can either buy the 2...

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All electronic devices while operating, create a left torsion field that can’t be screened and represent a danger for our health. Although the human organism has the capacity to heal itself, it is very important to help create all the right and necessary conditions to make it happen.

Also, the human body disposes of 3 specific fields, the magnetic field, the columbic fields and the torsion field. To assure a fully function of our organism we need these three fields to function in harmony. Unfortunately the bio- energetic field is affected by our modern work environment the Torser device assures maintaining the bio-energetic balance thus making it a device that can be used by the whole family.

Other factors that can disrupt the body's health and the energy field is the mental state, so when we feel anger, hatred, malice, jealousy a person’s energy field can be destabilize. You can also send these feeling easily to a person that has a weak energy field.

Along the mental factors, there are certain areas in which we live and work geopathogenic characterized by a negative charge, these areas create a very strong noxious field that affects not only animals and plants but also humans. You can feel discomfort, weakness, insomnia, drowsiness, headache and dizziness, nervousness, burning throughout the body, twinges, spasms in legs, cold or high blood pressure, these effects can manifest after living for 8 days in the harmful environment that we just described.

Cancerous tumors, cardiovascular disease, psychic, endocrine, osteoporosis, these are some of the most common affections that can be produced by the geo-photogene zone. To be protected by these negative effects you should use some bioenergetics means of protection like the Torser device

How harmful can the radiation produce by electric devices be?

If some time ago among the pollution sources of the environment were the electric transports or power lines, today considering the technological evolution, the electromagnetic sources are higher and extremely harmful to our health and we are more and more expose to it every day,

Among the most known sources of electromagnetic radiations are the mobile phones, computers, microwave ovens, copy machines, physiotherapy equipment, radar facilities, dental facilities ultrasound TVs or antennas. All of the above represent a danger to our health.

 From exposure to electromagnetic radiation, disorders in the body start occurring, these can take to serious affection. So in the most poluted zones of Europe, there are being used over 140 million mobile phones, and over 50 million computers and TVs along with numerous TV communication stations.

As proof of the high volume of electronics devices that emit radiations while they are used, in most of the regions, the brief voltage electromagnetic fields increased compared with natural background with a sequence of 4-15, conform to the Work Research Institute for Medicine. The radiation affect all the people, regardless their state of health or age.

So we can see the danger that we are exposing ourselves to, just think of the people that work in the electromagnetic field of the high voltage cables areas, they are exposed to a much more higher risk than us up to 5-8 times more chances to get leukemia. Among the symptoms of electromagnetic radiations we can also feel memory loss, general fatigue, drowsiness and insomnia, headaches and dizziness, depression, psychoses and neuroses that can lead to tumor processes, cardiovascular diseases or endocrine and more. 

The Torser device concept

Torser is a unique device, designed after a high number of experiments that had as an objective the discovery of a way to protect ourselves against the electromagnetic radiations.

The principal on which the Torser device works is a special and interesting one, because it acts in eliminating the negative influences on people that cannot be screened. By using this device, a free radiation zone well be created around its user, so that the recovery of the organism can be possible. So the human health system is protected from electromagnetic radiation by the Torser device. You can use the Torser device both at the distance and locally without the usage of electricity.

The efficiency of the Torser device is determined by its form and content in combination with the right torsion field. So in the composition of the Torser device there are metals and metalloids like gold, proven to be very good in curing a lot of disease such as the cardiovascular, psychiatric or hepatic, copper is used to slow down different affections since the old ages and so is tellurium, this being a rare metalloid that is also indicated to be used in a lot of health affections.     

Who can use the Torser device?

Torser is ideal for the whole family, so it can be used by all the people, no matter the age. It ca be used by children because their nervous , endocrine and immune system is more sensible than the one of the adults.

  • accountants, economists, bank workers;
  • secretaries, office managers and workers;
  • people working in defense and security
  • programmers;
  • people working in the IT department
  • designers and planners;
  • journalists, people working in television, agents, editors and publishers;
  • workers in trade networks, dispatchers and communications employees of enterprises;
  • the Special Service State Workers
  • physicians and those working in the medical field;
  • biologists, teachers, scientists,
  • sellers and cashiers;
  • subway workers, miners.

At the same time it can be used by pregnant women and pensioners.

Why it is recommended to use the Torser device?

Torser is a device recommended to be used to protect the organism from electromagnetic radiations and not only, there is the reason that the device can be used to neutralize geopathogenic areas from your room known as the negative influenced zones.

In the same time Torser can be used to protect the bio-field of the body against the harmful actions caused by medical devices, such as of the physiotherapy, the radio-chemical, dental x-ray, as well as technical equipment, such as televisions, computers, laser printers, copiers, radio-telephones, microwave ovens, mobile phones, electric transport and more.    

We can also use Torser to reestablish the energo-informational field of the human body, also known as “the energetic pump”  it can be ysed to cure numerous affections, to support the organism against illness or to neutralize harmful influences emanating from other people or other sources.   

Also Torser is appropriate to prevent the disruption of the steady state of balance of the energo-informational system and to harmonize the body. 

The therapeutic indications of the Torser device

Torser is recommended to be used against a lot of affections like:

  • against fatigue, the physical exhaustion and asthenia;
  • increased resistance of the organism to infection;
  • accelerate the recovery of surgery, radiotherapy after certain diseases;
  • libido and impotence;
  • reduce stress in case of nerve affections;
  • depressive state;
  • insomnia, psychosis, neurosis;
  • alcoholism, drowsiness;
  • eye disturbances;
  • viral respiratory infections acute frontal sinusitis, tonsillitis, angina, flu or allergies;
  • psoriasis, seborrhea, eczema, neurodermatitis;
  • gastritis, duodenal ulcer, acute and chronic cholecystitis computer chronic colitis;
  • bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma;
  • hypertonia, hypotonia, tachycardia, tachyarrhythmias, bradycardia;
  • endocrine disorders;
  • diabetes;
  • mastopathies, toxic pregnancy, sterility;
  • disruption of the menstrual cycle;
  • tumor processes, myalgia, acute lumbosacral radiculitis;
  • diffuse sclerosis, arthritis, osteochondrosis, osteoporosis.

Using the Torser device on plants and animals

Specialist noticed that animals react differently to the Torser device, so there are animals, like cats, that like to live in the geopathogenic zone. After some research has been done in Canada it has been proven that cats feel a lot better in the geopathogenic zone. On the other hand the dogs react very well when they are in the presence of the Torser device they become very playful and calm.

Regarding the plants reaction to this device after some research the scientist have proven how these react in a positive way to the device. What they did was keep the device near a bowl of water that was used to water the plants, the result was that the plants which the water was used on grew way quicker and stronger.

 We also received the same results from using the same water on grass, it became greener, also the same results in flowers like cactuses and begonias. It shows that the use of the Torser device varies.

Recommendations on how to use the Torser

Torser is the device that can help accelerate the process needed for the organism to heal faster by prolonging and increasing the immunity system. So this device can be considered a support in the improvement of affections, reason way it can be used alongside the pill treatment subscribed by the doctors.

In the first three days it is recommended that the Torser device be used at a certain distance from the body, between 10 and 90 centimeters you can position it in front of the TV, the computer, under the bed, under the pillow or on the refrigerator.

The time we use it will slowly increase from 25 minutes up till 10-12 hours a day, after that we can move to a local treatment, in our pockets or in the vicinity of the ill organ or in our hand, thus increasing the time we use it every day.

If we want to improve the level of psycho-informational state, we can keep the device at a distance but if we are talking about a energo-informational level then we can combine the local use with the distance way of use. For mobility or muscular problems we can use it local.

Also in case of some the conditions we can increase the effects of the Torser by using two separate devices. So in case of pneumonia we can place the two devices one in front of the other, and in case of the radicular syndrome you have to place it parallel one in front of the other. The people that suffer from joint pain can use tow devices placed at a right angle.

The Torser device has a lot of different uses for a lot more affections.

At children for an instance the Torser device will be always used at a distance, without any direct contact, and under the close supervision of an adult, from 1 to 2 minutes slowly increasing the time it is applied on.

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